There are several gift ideas available for loved ones and friends. Some bring great sentimental value to the recipient as much as it does to the giver. Other than the obvious gifts that you may issue to your loved ones, there is an increasing trend on sentimental gifts. Amongst more popular gifts are jewellery stones. It has continued to be in increasing demand in the market. Litho therapy is the use of natural stones as an alternative to modern medicine. The stones have colours and energies that can be used to heal and calm the body. One reaps these benefits by carving the stones into jewellery or useful objects that one can use around the house, office space, etc. Almost all stones are safe to wear or be near human beings. However, some stones contain heavy metals and radioactive properties to the level that it is harmful to a human. Some of the harmful stones include realga and ekanite and many others. Websites such as offer guidelines on selecting stones.

These are according to the virtues, physical, mental and emotional benefits that the stones offer. These stones bring great value and are worth every coin, especially as a gift. There are physical checks for such stones such as durability, resistance and colour. There are unique colour range for each stone. The other element is the shape or cut that the stone is curved. There should be even scintillation which gives it clarity. The jewel carat is also an essential element that websites assist in guiding those seeking to buy stones. There are many benefits that can be derived from these stones. General benefits include reduction of stress and anxiety. This assists greatly due to current trends of increased anxiety in the society. They generally promote the wellbeing of an individual.

In this article we get to look at four stone jewellery that are increasingly popular. The following are some good natural stone jewellery gift ideas that one can acquire:

Amber Bracelet

Amber is of plant origin and requires a lot of pressure, heat, and a prolonged period to form. This stone helps one to assert themselves and express their personality. It can also help purify one’s energy due to its solar lustre.

Amber has historically been used to open certain body areas like airways when placed on the area in question or on the chakra of interest. The stone also promotes intellectual development and self-reflection. As a result, it lowers a person’s stress level, thus combating all forms of depression.

In addition to the above lithotherapy benefits, amber stone can be used as a dental pain reliever, an anti-inflammatory agent, and as a curative element that helps one combat diseases like sore throats and cold. In other words, an amber bracelet boosts immunity and good sleep.

Amethyst gemstone rings

Amethyst is a beautiful gem that is in the family of natural stones that contain silicon dioxide. Its colour ranges from light violet to deep purple because of the iron impurities contained in its crystal lattice.

An amethyst gemstone is known as the stone of wisdom and humility since it promotes clarity, creativity, and imagination. The stone wearer will also experience an increase in ability to concentrate, contemplate, and an increased level of spiritual elevation.

The stone can also alleviate sadness, grief, apprehension, anguish, fear, and anger. It is for this reason that an amethyst gemstone ring is considered a perfect gift for a bereaved person. This is because it will lower their sadness, purify their aura, and it enables them to accept change.

Water-green aquamarine stone necklace

Aquamarine is a valuable stone that is made from volcanic rocks, and it contains iron, beryllium, aluminium, copper, and silica. The stone has characteristics, strength, and low density, which are especially considered key in the aeronautical and nuclear energy industry.

Aquamarine stone belongs in the beryl family which translates to beryllos in Greek meaning blue-green stone because of the stone’s light blue to water green appearance.

A piece of natural stone jewellery made of aquamarine has psychological physical benefits. The aquamarine can promote one’s artistic prowess since it increases the sensitivity and ability to express oneself for those who possess jewels made of it. Moreover, the stone also has calming properties considering it promotes peace, serenity, and intellectual activation. It is for this reason that this is stone is a preferred gift for those who are scheduled to sit for an exam.

In addition to the above benefits, an aquamarine stone can also boost communication skills and ensure that they are harmonious. This is why this gift is very famous amongst couples since it is believed to strengthen relationships and is considered thoughtful and romantic when a groom gives their bride an aquamarine adorned wedding ring. On the other hand, a piece of aquamarine jewellery is considered a good luck charm amongst sailors since they believe it protects them from drowning.

To add to that, aquamarine stone also has medical benefits in that it is used to realign chakras, improving the respiratory system, healing infections and inflammations on the mouth throat, and nose. It is also used in improving the body’s immune system as well as strengthening and balancing endocrine, lymphatic, and blood systems.

Gold-plated moonstone head chain

Moonstone is colorless in appearance and can be differentiated by its reflections, whose colours can range from white to blue and yellow at occasional times. The reflections are mainly because of the moonstone’s crystalline appearance nature. When viewed from different angles, the stone’s reflection changes colours from white to blue.

Jewellery embellished with moonstone naturally offers the innocence of childhood and acts for good. They also offer happiness in relationships since it accesses the mental and astral bodies and harmonizes their emotions, thus reconciliating them.

In addition to that, the stone also helps an individual with the development of kindness, creativity, and sensitivity which helps one to make difficult decisions in a fair and just way. This also allows men to access their feminine side, while at the same time it coordinates the hormone secretions and menstrual cycles of women.


Choosing a thoughtful and best gift can be hectic at times. This is especially true if the recipient is an enthusiast of gemstones, and you have no knowledge of the benefits of each stone. This article has addressed the symbolism and benefits that some of the stones represent. The jewels suggested in the article include an amber bracelet, an amethyst gemstone ring, a water green aquamarine stone necklace, and a gold-plated moonstone head chain.

An amber bracelet is shown to have curative and pain-relieving elements because of the amber stone. The bracelet also helps an individual to develop intellectually, self-reflect, and lower stress, thus enabling one to fight against depression.

On the other hand, an amethyst gemstone ring is seen to be considered a wisdom and humility stone. The stone helps an individual obtain clarity, creativity, and imagination. The stone wearer also experiences alleviation of anger, anguish, and sadness, thus making it a perfect gift for a bereaved person since it helps them mourn and accept the changes.

In addition to that, a water-green aquamarine stone necklace is also shown to have numerous benefits. The stone is believed to strengthen relationships and help new ones to grow to their maturity level. Therefore, wedding rings adorned with aquamarine stone is seen to be symbolic to couples, the same way sailors see the stone as a good luck charm that ensures they do not drown in the sea.

Finally, there is the gold-plated moonstone head chain, which is shown to offer the innocence of childhood. The stone also enables an individual to make difficult decisions in a just and fair manner since it offers one creativity and kindness. In addition to its already mentioned benefits, a moonstone also enables males to access their feminine side while it harmonizes the female hormone secretions and menstrual cycle.

There are plenty of lithotherapy gifts to select from and one should be able to select from the variety above. All of these items are of great quality and suitable as gifts for loved ones and friends. If it is the amber bracelet, amethyst gemstone rings, Water-green aquamarine stone necklace or the Gold plated moonstone head chain. All of these are great variations of the litho therapy and are highly encouraged as gifts