Is someone close to you having a birthday coming up soon? Or a special occasion brings you to look for a gift to offer? Don't worry, almost every shop offers a multitude of ideas. All you have to do is tell the shopkeepers what you're looking for and they'll advise you on how to go about it. The most classic is to give a simple gift, but one that will go straight to the heart of the recipient. Attractive photo bookmarks correspond exactly to such criteria.

Description of a photo bookmark

Reading is a common leisure activity for many people. Magazines, novels, thematic books and manuals or the bible... everyone has a choice of their favourite books and writers, collections and editors. When a person wants to stop while reading or wants to spot a page, a quote or a touching passage, he or she uses a bookmark. It is more advantageous to use a bookmark instead of folding the end of the pages, which can damage them. Some people also use a small object (pen, ruler...), but it can fall out without being noticed and the page will be lost. A photo bookmark has become a trend lately. So, if you want to print your best photos as a bookmark, this is the place to do it.

A classic gift: A photo bookmark is ideal as a gift

The best gifts to offer nowadays are those that can be personalized. In the form of a strip of retro film, on glossy or glossy paper, metal or even leather, creative photo prints will decorate your bookmark. As a present is small and discreet, a photo bookmark will appeal to anyone who receives it. The price is affordable. You can order it from a professional or design it yourself.

The gift that will make a flash effect

The most touching gift is the one that will make the recipient remember you and your highlights every time they leaf through their book. More emotions will be created through the images displayed on the bookmark, drawn in small or even miniature size. A photo bookmark is not very noticeable, but it is an unusual gift. You can put your photo, your recipient's photo, or a photo of both of you on the bookmark. Another trick is to add a touching note or a calendar. The recipient will remember your dedications and will be able to see the date just by looking at your gift.