For the bride and groom, taking couple photos is of paramount importance. However, finding the best moment is often a real headache. For this, different solutions are available. Just choose the one that best suits your situation. Also, each option can have its own advantages.

Taking couple photos before the wedding

On our wedding day, we're mostly busy. So sometimes we don't have enough time for a couple's wedding photo shoot. To remedy this, you can choose one or more unusual locations and take your photos the week before your wedding. This is an excellent way to discover yourself. You put on your suit and dress and then go to the selected location with the photographer. The photo session can take half a day or more.

Photo session between the preparations or during the cocktail party

If you want more privacy to discover yourself, then a good organization is essential for the couple photo session. The latter can take place just before the town hall (one hour for example). The bride and groom meet at home or in a more intimate place to share an exceptional moment which is the discovery of the other in a single day. Alternatively, photos can also be taken during the cocktail party. If you receive your guests in a beautiful setting full of charm, you can take advantage of this opportunity to escape for a few moments. The buffet will keep the guests busy while you leave to immortalize the day with beautiful photos of the couple.

Take couple photos after the wedding

If the third option is chosen, there are two possibilities. We do the photo shoot the day after the wedding. That is to say, we get dressed, we redo our make-up and we define a place with our photographer. This first option is to be adopted if the party has not lasted too late for you to have rested features. Otherwise, you risk being disappointed with the results. The other option is the session called trash the dress. We choose a special place to take the pictures a few days after the wedding. We put the dress and the costume back on because they are safe no matter where they are (racetrack, seaside, ...). With this option, there is no more limit as for the type of photos. Romantic, crazy or sporty, the bride and groom can let themselves go completely and have unusual and original souvenir photos.