After a special event, photos will always serve as a souvenir. Sometimes they are very numerous and it is necessary to sort them out. The photos that marked the event should be put together in a photo book. How to make one? Have you ever tried it? Here are some tips and steps to make a photo book.

Choosing the photos and the outside of the book

A photo book should contain sample photos. This means that through these selected photos, a person who did not attend the event must have an idea of the entire event that you want to engrave in your photo book. The choice of each photo in the book is therefore very important, as they must be selected according to a personal logic. Then you have to choose how the cover will be, soft or hard. Note that you can choose the quality of the paper on which your photos will be printed. For example, recycled or glossy paper is ideal for a photo book. You can refer to My Social Book, one of the professionals in the field, to make a photo book.

The different forms of photo books

Be aware that making a photo book doesn't need any specific rules. The book is customizable, according to your requests. If you wish to place your photo book among your collections of reading books, it is advisable to choose a smaller format, square format 21 x 21 cm for example. This way, you won't have any difficulty storing them with other books. On the other hand, if your photo book was designed to be a real keepsake or a memorable moment in your life, such as your wedding for example, it is advisable to choose an XXL format in portrait or landscape mode. However, you can choose both formats for the same event if you wish.

When to make a photo book?

An important event should be engraved to serve as a beautiful souvenir later. So, making a photo book is one of the ways to keep a crucial moment in mind. Having pictures to view later in the future will certainly please your family. So you can make a photo book during pregnancy, and even at the birth of the newborn. As a souvenir for your honeymoon or an extraordinary trip abroad, you can relive those unforgettable moments with your photo book.