There are several gift ideas available for loved ones and friends. Some bring great sentimental value to the recipient as much as it does to the giver. Other than the obvious gifts that you may issue to your loved ones, there is an increasing trend on sentimental gifts. Amongst more popular gifts are jewellery stones. It has continued to be in increasing demand in the market. Litho therapy is the use of natural stones as an alternative to modern medicine. The stones have colours and energies that can be used to heal and calm the body. One reaps these benefits by carving the stones into jewellery or useful objects that one can use around the house, office space, etc. Almost all stones are safe to wear or be near human beings. However, some stones contain heavy metals and radioactive properties to the level that it is harmful to a human. Some of the harmful stones include realga and ekanite and many others. Websites such as offer guidelines on selecting stones.

These are according to the virtues, physical, mental and emotional benefits that the stones offer. These stones bring great value and are worth every coin, especially as a gift. There are physical checks for such stones such as durability, resistance and colour. There are unique colour range for each stone. The other element is the shape or cut that the stone is curved. There should be even scintillation which gives it clarity. The jewel carat is also an essential element that websites assist in guiding those seeking to buy stones. There are many benefits that can be derived from these stones. General benefits include reduction of stress and anxiety. This assists greatly due to current trends of increased anxiety in the society. They generally promote the wellbeing of an individual.

In this article we get to look at four stone jewellery that are increasingly popular. The following are some good natural stone jewellery gift ideas that one can acquire:

Amber Bracelet

Amber is of plant origin and requires a lot of pressure, heat, and a prolonged period to form. This stone helps one to assert themselves and express their personality. It can also help purify one’s energy due to its solar lustre.

Amber has historically been used to open certain body areas like airways when placed on the area in question or on the chakra of interest. The stone also promotes intellectual development and self-reflection. As a result, it lowers a person’s stress level, thus combating all forms of depression.

In addition to the above lithotherapy benefits, amber stone can be used as a dental pain reliever, an anti-inflammatory agent, and as a curative element that helps one combat diseases like sore throats and cold. In other words, an amber bracelet boosts immunity and good sleep.

Amethyst gemstone rings

Amethyst is a beautiful gem that is in the family of natural stones that contain silicon dioxide. Its colour ranges from light violet to deep purple because of the iron impurities contained in its crystal lattice.

An amethyst gemstone is known as the stone of wisdom and humility since it promotes clarity, creativity, and imagination. The stone wearer will also experience an increase in ability to concentrate, contemplate, and an increased level of spiritual elevation.

The stone can also alleviate sadness, grief, apprehension, anguish, fear, and anger. It is for this reason that an amethyst gemstone ring is considered a perfect gift for a bereaved person. This is because it will lower their sadness, purify their aura, and it enables them to accept change.

Water-green aquamarine stone necklace

Aquamarine is a valuable stone that is made from volcanic rocks, and it contains iron, beryllium, aluminium, copper, and silica. The stone has characteristics, strength, and low density, which are especially considered key in the aeronautical and nuclear energy industry.

Aquamarine stone belongs in the beryl family which translates to beryllos in Greek meaning blue-green stone because of the stone’s light blue to water green appearance.

A piece of natural stone jewellery made of aquamarine has psychological physical benefits. The aquamarine can promote one’s artistic prowess since it increases the sensitivity and ability to express oneself for those who possess jewels made of it. Moreover, the stone also has calming properties considering it promotes peace, serenity, and intellectual activation. It is for this reason that this is stone is a preferred gift for those who are scheduled to sit for an exam.

In addition to the above benefits, an aquamarine stone can also boost communication skills and ensure that they are harmonious. This is why this gift is very famous amongst couples since it is believed to strengthen relationships and is considered thoughtful and romantic when a groom gives their bride an aquamarine adorned wedding ring. On the other hand, a piece of aquamarine jewellery is considered a good luck charm amongst sailors since they believe it protects them from drowning.

To add to that, aquamarine stone also has medical benefits in that it is used to realign chakras, improving the respiratory system, healing infections and inflammations on the mouth throat, and nose. It is also used in improving the body’s immune system as well as strengthening and balancing endocrine, lymphatic, and blood systems.

Gold-plated moonstone head chain

Moonstone is colorless in appearance and can be differentiated by its reflections, whose colours can range from white to blue and yellow at occasional times. The reflections are mainly because of the moonstone’s crystalline appearance nature. When viewed from different angles, the stone’s reflection changes colours from white to blue.

Jewellery embellished with moonstone naturally offers the innocence of childhood and acts for good. They also offer happiness in relationships since it accesses the mental and astral bodies and harmonizes their emotions, thus reconciliating them.

In addition to that, the stone also helps an individual with the development of kindness, creativity, and sensitivity which helps one to make difficult decisions in a fair and just way. This also allows men to access their feminine side, while at the same time it coordinates the hormone secretions and menstrual cycles of women.


Choosing a thoughtful and best gift can be hectic at times. This is especially true if the recipient is an enthusiast of gemstones, and you have no knowledge of the benefits of each stone. This article has addressed the symbolism and benefits that some of the stones represent. The jewels suggested in the article include an amber bracelet, an amethyst gemstone ring, a water green aquamarine stone necklace, and a gold-plated moonstone head chain.

An amber bracelet is shown to have curative and pain-relieving elements because of the amber stone. The bracelet also helps an individual to develop intellectually, self-reflect, and lower stress, thus enabling one to fight against depression.

On the other hand, an amethyst gemstone ring is seen to be considered a wisdom and humility stone. The stone helps an individual obtain clarity, creativity, and imagination. The stone wearer also experiences alleviation of anger, anguish, and sadness, thus making it a perfect gift for a bereaved person since it helps them mourn and accept the changes.

In addition to that, a water-green aquamarine stone necklace is also shown to have numerous benefits. The stone is believed to strengthen relationships and help new ones to grow to their maturity level. Therefore, wedding rings adorned with aquamarine stone is seen to be symbolic to couples, the same way sailors see the stone as a good luck charm that ensures they do not drown in the sea.

Finally, there is the gold-plated moonstone head chain, which is shown to offer the innocence of childhood. The stone also enables an individual to make difficult decisions in a just and fair manner since it offers one creativity and kindness. In addition to its already mentioned benefits, a moonstone also enables males to access their feminine side while it harmonizes the female hormone secretions and menstrual cycle.

There are plenty of lithotherapy gifts to select from and one should be able to select from the variety above. All of these items are of great quality and suitable as gifts for loved ones and friends. If it is the amber bracelet, amethyst gemstone rings, Water-green aquamarine stone necklace or the Gold plated moonstone head chain. All of these are great variations of the litho therapy and are highly encouraged as gifts

In addition to the more and more powerful cameras, the printing of photos has become trendy again these last ones. The spirit of keeping memories is now obsolete, people now want to display their photos everywhere in their homes in different forms.

The current way of printing photos

Over the past few decades, technology has led photography enthusiasts to keep their photos in their phones or computers only. Thanks to the new way of printing photos, people now prefer to have them displayed everywhere. The leader in photo printing My Social Book is one of the platforms that offer creative printing of all the photos you want to print. As an example, you can get a photo book from this photo professional. In addition to personalised calendars, it is also possible to order photos for decorative purposes in various formats.

How to print trendy photos

Cameras for taking pictures are more sophisticated. There has also been an improvement in the method of taking photographs. The supports used are not limited to standard paper. Currently, you can have access to photo printing on high quality glossy or matte paper. You can also request photos printed on other media such as a cup or goodies. The list of customizable items is getting longer and longer. For the size, you must get in touch with a professional available online for large format photo printing. Otherwise, photo printers near you are able to take care of the task. Standard photo formats still exist. However, you can ask for a photo in a specific size on the support you want.

The latest printed photo templates

To keep up with the photo trend, you need to know that your photos can be printed in other forms than the classic models, to decorate your home or office. The best known are photo magnets. Shops that offer personalization services can print your photos as magnets for your metal supports. Keeping the photos in their digital version is then obsolete from now on. As a gift or for personal use, printing your photos in a gift box or other modern form will keep you up to date with the evolution of technology in general.

After a special event, photos will always serve as a souvenir. Sometimes they are very numerous and it is necessary to sort them out. The photos that marked the event should be put together in a photo book. How to make one? Have you ever tried it? Here are some tips and steps to make a photo book.

Choosing the photos and the outside of the book

A photo book should contain sample photos. This means that through these selected photos, a person who did not attend the event must have an idea of the entire event that you want to engrave in your photo book. The choice of each photo in the book is therefore very important, as they must be selected according to a personal logic. Then you have to choose how the cover will be, soft or hard. Note that you can choose the quality of the paper on which your photos will be printed. For example, recycled or glossy paper is ideal for a photo book. You can refer to My Social Book, one of the professionals in the field, to make a photo book.

The different forms of photo books

Be aware that making a photo book doesn’t need any specific rules. The book is customizable, according to your requests. If you wish to place your photo book among your collections of reading books, it is advisable to choose a smaller format, square format 21 x 21 cm for example. This way, you won’t have any difficulty storing them with other books. On the other hand, if your photo book was designed to be a real keepsake or a memorable moment in your life, such as your wedding for example, it is advisable to choose an XXL format in portrait or landscape mode. However, you can choose both formats for the same event if you wish.

When to make a photo book?

An important event should be engraved to serve as a beautiful souvenir later. So, making a photo book is one of the ways to keep a crucial moment in mind. Having pictures to view later in the future will certainly please your family. So you can make a photo book during pregnancy, and even at the birth of the newborn. As a souvenir for your honeymoon or an extraordinary trip abroad, you can relive those unforgettable moments with your photo book.

The search for a special gift to touch the heart of a loved one is not always easy. In addition to the time spent choosing the gift, you also invest a lot of money in an original gift. Photo magnets can help you avoid these expensive investments. All you have to do is go to a personalized gift shop to get them. Other more important interests mean that they are being consumed more and more these days.

An original gift

Offering photo magnets is the most original idea if you need to give a gift to a loved one. Indeed, this gift can be personalised as you wish. No other guest can think of putting the same photos as you if they’ve thought of a photo magnet too.

Photo magnets have a surface area of between 5 cm2 and 8 cm2. However, to make it more original, you can order larger personalised magnets from personalised gift shops if you wish. Mini magnets also exist, but they are rarely bought as a gift for your loved one.

A gift for everyone

Avoid bothering yourself by offering photo magnets to your family and friends. This type of gift can suit everyone regardless of age. Even for a child, it’s always nice to see their picture hanging somewhere in the house. The magnets are also not likely to be swallowed by little ones. About the photos displayed on them, you can put everything. Portraits, landscapes or even hand-made pictures can be printed on it. Visit this site to discover more.

Intended to be placed on the fridge most of the time, a magnet can be suitable for both men and women. The suitable image will depend on the recipient of the gift, his or her taste and what you want to give.

A practical and useful gift

In terms of practicality, a magnetic gift is very useful. In addition to the fridge, your gift can hang in any room of the house. As long as there is a metal holder, the magnetic photo you are going to offer can be placed in a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else. Photo magnets have a decorative purpose. The photo frames can then be replaced now. All you need to do is make sure that the photos you choose are suitable for the event to be celebrated.

The Father’s Day photo gift designates valuables that can be used as souvenirs to surprise them, to make a good impression on their world day. A very chic and original gift idea is to offer fathers during their celebration of their birthday. An event that takes place once a year in their honour. Father’s Day being a custom strongly influenced by the Christian religion (St. Joseph’s Day), the civil holiday of non-Christian fathers in the early 20th century in the United States, for commercial reasons via a French lighter manufacturer.

What types of photo gifts to choose for Father’s Day?

There are 7 of the most popular photo gift items for Father’s Day these days. Such as the photo album, which is an ordinary item that can contain various family photos, your photos as a souvenir of the most cherished moments in life with your loved ones. Then, the photo calendar, whether it is a home or office calendar that can contain, in principle, one or 12 photos that can be customized. The photo print, which is a high weight, high definition, high resolution paper support, which has been printed a photographic image. The photo block is the one printed under glass or on a wood… allowing to give style and enthusiasm to the recipient.  The Custom Mug is a cylindrical cup or container that can hold consumable liquids.

Special feature of the photo gift for Father’s Day

There are countless types of gifts you can give your father. Give a very personal gift on Father’s Day as a surprise. A variety of items that can make him happy at that special moment: card holders, a phone case with his picture on it, a personalized T-shirt. However, photo gifts are one of the most special and classic, indelible, engraved, and will remain a memory forever. Photo gifts can also be personalised.

How to choose the ideal photo gift for Father’s Day?

All children, whether adults or minors, are expected to know their fathers’ tastes. Not all fathers can be hooked on photos when they are too ordinary. And not all dads share the same tastes about how it looks? However, it all depends on knowing their tastes, habits, physiognomies, professions, behaviours, addictions… There are those who are crazy about drinking. For this case, the Photo Mug would be the best place. Also, there are those who are professionals in photography. Such a father may be surprised if his descendants give him a photo gift for Father’s Day drawn by a professional artist’s hand.  Finally, if your father is a shareholder or manager of a company or a superior in the working world, no one is wrong to think of giving him a photo calendar as a souvenir of his best professional career.

For the bride and groom, taking couple photos is of paramount importance. However, finding the best moment is often a real headache. For this, different solutions are available. Just choose the one that best suits your situation. Also, each option can have its own advantages.

Taking couple photos before the wedding

On our wedding day, we’re mostly busy. So sometimes we don’t have enough time for a couple’s wedding photo shoot. To remedy this, you can choose one or more unusual locations and take your photos the week before your wedding. This is an excellent way to discover yourself. You put on your suit and dress and then go to the selected location with the photographer. The photo session can take half a day or more.

Photo session between the preparations or during the cocktail party

If you want more privacy to discover yourself, then a good organization is essential for the couple photo session. The latter can take place just before the town hall (one hour for example). The bride and groom meet at home or in a more intimate place to share an exceptional moment which is the discovery of the other in a single day. Alternatively, photos can also be taken during the cocktail party. If you receive your guests in a beautiful setting full of charm, you can take advantage of this opportunity to escape for a few moments. The buffet will keep the guests busy while you leave to immortalize the day with beautiful photos of the couple.

Take couple photos after the wedding

If the third option is chosen, there are two possibilities. We do the photo shoot the day after the wedding. That is to say, we get dressed, we redo our make-up and we define a place with our photographer. This first option is to be adopted if the party has not lasted too late for you to have rested features. Otherwise, you risk being disappointed with the results. The other option is the session called trash the dress. We choose a special place to take the pictures a few days after the wedding. We put the dress and the costume back on because they are safe no matter where they are (racetrack, seaside, …). With this option, there is no more limit as for the type of photos. Romantic, crazy or sporty, the bride and groom can let themselves go completely and have unusual and original souvenir photos.

Pictures are some of the best memories you could have to remember the most beautiful moments of your life. On the famous big day when you’re going to prove your love to the world, you’d better choose the right photographer to immortalize those good times. Here are some criteria to consider.

The passion transmitted through photos

Nowadays, with today’s high-tech smartphones, everyone can take pictures anywhere, anytime, and it seems like all you need is a good camera and a beautiful landscape to call yourself a photographer. But wedding photography is something else: it’s a whole art because it takes inspiration and passion to be able to do it. A good wedding photographer must therefore be a passionate artist. It is only in this way that he could memorize each of the precious moments of your “big day” thanks to his particular style and his taste for glitter (which should correspond to you by the way).

Good tools for good photos

As technology advances, the photographer’s equipment becomes more and more sophisticated. Indeed, it is thanks to these tools that later you will notice all the little details that embellish your day like the wedding dress, the make-up that took hours to be executed, the tears at the moments of the vows… Choosing your wedding photographer in this case is also to make sure that it is done correctly, even if it means checking if all the equipment is ok and that there is a backup plan in case there are any problems. To be fixed, an individual interview could help you to see clearly on this subject as well as all the other information which interests you (feeling and skills).

Fame is important

Many constraints can appear when your choice seems clear: the availability of the photographer, your budget… Anyway, it is always advisable to consult the opinion of others or simply trust the reputation of the professional. A good photographer does not like routine, which makes each wedding unique with its own personal touch. Sometimes he offers a “book”, a magazine or a final album to sum up these beautiful moments. It should be noted that a professional, after agreement, writes a contract where everything is noted: services, benefits, compensation, reimbursement, …

The price of an individual photo shoot in studio

First of all, it is important to know that the price of a photo shoot depends on several factors.

It also depends on the number of people to be shot. Each photographer and each photo studio has its own pricing schedule depending on the number of participants.

Secondly, the location plays an important role in setting the price. Why is that? Quite simply because the photographer will have to travel, which requires an additional expense. The principle is to include travel expenses in the invoice so as not to generate losses.

In addition, each photographer sets his or her own rate, based on their own experience. Professional photographers tend to offer higher rates.

Others also set the price by taking into account the investments they have made, for example, the equipment they use or the renewal of their studios.

The price of an individual photo shoot in a studio is not expensive at all because there is only one participant and the photographer does not travel.

The duration of an individual studio photo shoot

As far as the duration is concerned, it is always agreed between the photographer and his client before the photo shoot.  As for the price, the duration also depends on several issues.

In some studios, the shooting is counted by number of photos. In this case, the shooting ends once the number of shots has been reached.

For others, it is agreed by duration from the start. The shooting can last only one hour or it can take a whole day. Most often, it is especially those who organize events who decide to hire a professional photographer for a whole day or even a whole night. He or she will be required to take photos from the beginning to the end of that special occasion: engagement, wedding, birthday, show, carnival, etc.

From all that has been said, there is no fixed duration to carry out a shooting whether it is for one person or for a group of several people.

Behind the scenes

Whatever the reason for the shooting, if it represents for example 1 hour in the studio, it represents several hours before and after the shooting. The photographer has to meet the clients if it is not in studio, it is important for him to locate the location, load and check every equipment, sorting, retouching and delivery of the photos. This is the reason why the photographer’s rates are so high. Your event requires on average several days to get a better result. Don’t forget that the photographer is his own boss and pays many taxes and social contributions.

To make a successful couple’s shoot, the photographer must highlight the portrait of both people. To do this, he must bring out the colour of the landscape, create the depth of field and adapt the natural light. A professional photographer capable of carrying out this photographic method to the letter is the best choice for a couple’s shoot.

How to recognize a good photographer for a shooting?

You can recognize a good photographer for a couple shooting at the first contact. He asks recurring questions about their clients’ preferences and requirements in terms of photography at the very beginning of the first conversation. The couple might choose a particular location for the photo shoot. However, if they do not specify a location, the photographer should take care of it. He will have to find the best places with beautiful scenery to get better pictures.

An expert in couple’s shooting can also be recognized by the way he or she explains his or her shooting techniques and methods of processing the photos. He often presents his work and working principles to his clients before any photography services.

A photographer’s skills for a couple’s photo shoot

A photographer for a couple shoot must be an expert in landscape and portrait photography. He must be able to associate the image of a couple with a harmonious environment. This will enhance the portrait of the two people. Afterwards, he must edit the resulting photos in an elegant, perfect and natural way. He may use photo filters during the shooting to bring out the color of the landscape.

On the customer relationship side, he must be empathetic, welcoming, discreet, always in a good mood. This allows the couple to be at their ease during the photo shoot.

Finding a better space for couple’s shootings thanks to a photographer

The best way to find a good space for photo shoots is to hire a professional photographer. He collaborates with many location agencies to help him easily find an atypical place corresponding to the couple’s expectations. Thanks to his professional relations, one can save precious time and research costs by using a photographer. Most of the shooting spaces are already equipped and furnished. This humbly facilitates the realization of this photo shoot. He has the possibility to optimize the layout of the atypical space in question so that it is really in harmony with the theme of the scenario to be produced.

Birth is a happy event that deserves to be immortalized by photos. It is therefore out of the question to omit quality, so that the results highlight strong emotions. Photography of a new life should therefore not be entrusted to just anyone. There is nothing better than trusting a better photographer for birth photos.

Calling on an experienced birth photographer

A strong experience in photography is not enough to become a good photographer for birth pictures. You need the expertise of a professional with experience with newborns. He or she has already had the opportunity to familiarize himself or herself with the baby’s gestures. Thus, he or she chooses a priori for a correct framing, in order to face possible accidents. In spite of the disturbing movements of the toddlers, he will succeed in providing quality photos.

An experienced birth photographer does not take the safety of the baby lightly either. He or she must remain gentle and patient, knowing that the newborn requires delicate actions. With his experience, he gradually acquires these main qualities.

Follow the advice of your near ones

If you are short of ideas about choosing a good photographer for birth photos, you can ask your contacts for advice. Some mothers have contacts with well-known photographers. By following their recommendations, you will be safe from unpleasant surprises.

Your relatives will give you the right reasons to choose any professional. Some are trustworthy, others provide quality service, etc. You will also find advice and tips on choosing a qualified photographer by registering on online discussion forums. Moms will share their experiences with newborn photographers.

Trusting a professional who is ready to meet your expectations

A true professional in newborn photography pays particular attention to customer satisfaction. Parents certainly have photo ideas in mind. The photographer will listen to their needs and then fulfill their wishes.

An expert photographer will be able to give you his precious help by bringing original ideas to improve the results. You should then call upon a very open-minded professional who is ready to discuss freely with you the photos of your choice. He will also be able to tell you more about the retouching work needed for a perfect result.

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