The art of taking beautiful pictures!

The different techniques to create beautiful photos

Travel photography: the art of photography on the spot

Travel photography is like a series of snapshots. The snapshots must represent a specific moment, a frame and tell a story. Travel photography must immortalize culture, landscape and circumstances. Technique is essential for this. The exposure must be mastered and the composition carefully done.

But the photo must also be usable. No matter how creative it is, if it does not convey information or a story about the journey, it is not a good photo.

Photo gifts, the personalized calendar!

For any occasion, whether it’s a birthday or a new year’s eve, a photo calendar or personalised photo diary is an original and unique gift. These personalised photo gifts are available in several formats.

You can choose a specific theme for the design of your calendar or personalised diary. On you will find a wide range of illustrations and formats. Creating your calendar or personalised calendar online is relatively simple. All you have to do is choose from the different models, add personal text or photos and choose the size you want. Several online tools allow you to add colours, layouts and different typographies.

Beautiful photos taken at the right time!

To have beautiful photos, you have to know how to capture a moment and choose the right angle of view. That’s why a photographer must always be on the lookout.


Wedding photos


Birthday photos


Corporate photos

Photobooth: the must-have for a stylish event!

A photobooth is taking pictures with accessories or a decorated background. But with the development of technology, we now find photo booths with several themes and other possibilities. The photobooth is now a must-have accessory in photo trends.

For your event, you can choose between several types of decorations, walls of roses or flowers or even customizable frames. Arches and signs are also used.

Top 3 photo techniques to amaze them all!

1. Black and white

Black and white photos are obtained in post-production. Brightness and contrast are important.

2. The Low Key/High Key

The high-key technique highlights the lighter shades. Low-key emphasizes darker shades.

3. Tilt-shift

This process allows to have a blur around the main subject. Mastery of tilt lenses is the basis.

Photography themes : A list of to inspire photographers 

The art of photography is diverse. According to the client’s needs, he can adapt his services. The themes are then multiplied.

Culinary photography

Underwater photography

Aerial photography

In photos: nature in all its states!

Nature offers several environments and circumstances conducive to photography. Capturing these unique moments is as brief as it is wonderful.